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Multimodal Interfaces
Multimodal Interfaces to Mobile Webservices
From Spoken Dialogue to Multimodal Dialogue
Merging Various User Interface Paradigms
SmartKom: A Transportable Interface Agent
SmartKom`s SDDP Interaction Metaphor
Multimodal Input and Output in the SmartKom System
Multimodal Interaction with a Life-like Character
Using Facial Expression Recognition for Affective Personalization
SmartKom: Intuitive Multimodal Interaction
Salient Characteristics of SmartKom
SmartKom-Home on a Portable Webpad
Multimodal Access to Telephony Applications via SmartKom
Personalized Interaction with WebTVs via SmartKom (DFKI with Sony, Philips, Siemens)
Mobile Presentation Unit for SmartKom-Public
The Need for Personalization: Adaptive Interaction with Mobile Devices
A “Web of Meaning“ has more Personalization Potential than a “Web of Links“
Mapping Web Content Onto a Variety of Structures and Layouts
SmartKom: Towards Multimodal and Mobile Dialogue Systems for Indoor and Outdoor Navigation
Information Booth: Adaptation to Time Pressure
IRREAL: Indoor Navigation Example
Getting Driving and Walking Directions via SmartKom
SmartKom: Multimodal Dialogues with a Hybrid Navigation System
Spoken Navigation Dialogues with SmartKom
The High-Level Control Flow of SmartKom
SmartKom‘s Added-Value Mobile Service ActiveList
SmartKom‘s Added-Value Mobile Service SpotInspector
SmartKom‘s Added-Value Mobile Service PartnerRadar
Personalized Car Entertainment (DFKI for Bosch)
Research Roadmap of Multimodality 2002-2005

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